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Testimonials below are just a small set from the numerous companies and individuals we have helped. These customers were both physical therapists looking for balance training equipment and products, as well as athletes and coaches looking for speed and agility training equipment.

Joe Rogowski
Orlando Magic
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

I incorporate the Quick Board system for testing, training and rehab protocols. The objective results allow me to pre/post test players and track their training progress. I incorporate the system in rehab protocols in order to more accurately gauge a player's progress back to the court. Once pre injury drills are able to be re-introduced into their rehab, then I have an objective pre/post injury comparison. Most importantly, the Quick Board increased competition during training which lead to improvements in performance. Quickness, reaction and agility are essential to success in basketball which is why I implement the Quick Board in my training regimen.

Vern Gambetta
Gambetta Sports Training Systems

The Quick Board is an indispensable tool in my coaching toolbox.  It is totally congruent with my philosophy that Training = Rehab and Rehab = Training.  I use it to establish baseline measure and then to compare daily progress and readiness for training.  The Quick Board has been an important tool for me since it its first iteration in the 1990's.

Markeith Knowlton
Canadian Football League

DB/LB Hamilton Ticats

I use The Quick Board literally everyday. It is the one training tool I take with me everywhere I go.

The Quick Board definitely keeps me one up on my competitors. As a defensive player I have to have my head on a swivel and be ready to react to any situation on the football field. The Quick Board helps me hone in on my reaction skills and stay quicker than my opponents.

Auston Wortman, P.T.

The Quick Board is a tool that can be incorporated in a majority of therapy regimens for patients with impairments resulting from stroke, employment, hobby or sport. Objective data can be compiled to track improvement. Also, the data generated from the Quick Board can be submitted to third party payors for reimbursement for services.


Yuhua Li, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor in Motor Learning and Control
Department of Health & Sport Sciences
The University of Memphis

I have used The Quick Board as an instrument for my teaching and research for more than 10 years. The various features of the board allows us to measure both the quickness of the foot work (the count drill) and central process speed (the reaction drill). While a great amount of research is related to the function of the central nervous system and neuromuscular adaptation testing on upper limbs, limited research is available in the literature looking into lower limb movement responses due to lack of appropriate test equipment.

We have published two research articles using The Quick Board, including one in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2008. In addition, based on my knowledge and experience, this is a useful and effective tool which can be used for various athletes for improving quickness of their footwork and competition performances in various open-skill (reaction-time) sports activities.

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