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The Quick Board is implemented in various phases of lower limb rehabilitation.

The videos on this page display drills which focus on the following:

- Weight Shift

- Strength

- Balance 

- Proprioception

Sports medicine staffs have found athletes still suffer from a neurological deficit regardless of the fact they return to 100% pre injury strength and range of motion.  If the athlete is not neurologically rehabilitated, then the chances of another injury are increased.  The Quick Board is implemented to neurologically rehabilitate the athlete and objectively track the entire rehabilitation.  Since the athlete is able to instantly see their results, it increases motivation to improve which can lead to a decreased rehabilitation time frame.  The sports medicine staff is able to reintroduce pre injury testing and/or training drills to see a direct comparison and assist in a return to play decision.

This comparison is crucial to sports medicine staffs so they can objectively justify whether an athlete is ready to return to play.

Below is an example of a return to play guideline based upon an athlete’s pre injury vs. post injury Quick Board percentages*:

70%: Begin light workouts

80%: Increase workout intensity and start light practice

90%: Full workouts and full practice

100%: Return to competition

*These percentages are based on Quick Board results comparisons, not strength or range of motion.



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