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Ivanko Bars

obs20kg_thumb OBS-20KG 28mm Stainless Olympic Bar (USA) obxs20kg29mm_thumb OBXS-20KG-29MM 29mm Stainless Power Lifting Bar (USA)
obzs30_thumb OBZS-30 Stainless EZ-Curl Bar (USA) obs66_thumb OBS-66 Stainless Olympic Bar, 5' 6" (USA)
ob20kg_thumb OB-20KG The Olympic Bar (USA) obx20kg_thumb OBX-20KG The Powerlifting Bar (USA)
ob28_thumb OB-28 28mm, Olympic Bar, Econo, Black Oxide, 7' 2" obz55_thumb OBZ-55 E-Z Curl Bar, Black-Oxide (USA)
ob72_thumb OB-72 Olympic Bar, Chrome, 6', Econo Line ob28c_thumb OB-28C 28mm Olympic Bar, Econo, Chrome, 7', 2"
ob60c_thumb OB-60C Olympic Bar, Chrome, 5', Econo Line ob60b_thumb OB-60B Olympic Bar, Black Oxide, 5', Econo Line
obz30_thumb OBZ-30 E-Z Curl Bar, Black-Oxide, 5' obz40_thumb OBZ-40 EZ-Curl Bar, Black-Oxide, 6' 2' (Extra-Long)
obz20_thumb OBZ-20 EZ-Curl Bar, Chrome, 4' obzb20_thumb OBZB-20 EZ-Curl Bar, Black-Oxide, 4'



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