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Olympic Power Lift Installations

European distributor of Power Lift, Tendo, Infinity Flooring and Ultraslide amongst others.

Equipping you with everything you need to create world-class strength and conditioning facilities

At Rubicon Sports, we have been helping sports directors, coaches and facilities managers provide their athletes with world-class strength and conditioning facilities, in order to help them train effectively and perform at their best, since 1999.

Amongst the products we supply are:
  • Power Lift. The world’s leading provider of integrated rack and platform systems.
  • Ultraslide. The wold’s most sophisticated and effective slideboard
  • Tendo. The coaches favourite Power and speed analyser.
  • Infinity flooring. The most durable Flooring for weight training facilities on the market.
  • The Quick Board. A neuromuscular training device used in testing, re-habilitation and conditioning.
  • ITS.  Impulse training systems, the HPv.5, is a Zero gravity training device, designed to develop a greater neuromuscular response with pure acceleration and deceleration..  

Not only can we supply you with the best quality equipment, we can also help you design facilities that will get regular use and still be going strong years later.

In 2002, we were the first company to bring integrated rack and platform systems into elite sports facilities in the UK, setting the standard for professional-quality strength and conditioning facilities. Our past clients have included institutes, universities, football, rugby and athletics clubs and schools.

Most recently, we created bespoke training facilities for the US and Dutch athletes in the London 2012 Olympics. We will work closely with you to identify the products that are right for you and your athletes.

Please explore the site to see some of our existing installations and find out more about the different equipment we can supply. Please contact us if you have any questions about creating your own ideal strength and conditioning facility

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